About Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

About Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care for orthopedic conditions at four convenient locations, with one office in Shertz, Live Oak and two in San Antonio, Texas. 

The medical team includes two veterans. All of our orthopedic surgeons have advanced fellowship training and are either board certified or board eligible.

The team delivers the highest standard of medical care with such consistency that they hold board certification in health care quality at a level that exceeds industry standards. 

They also have the highest Medicare quality scores. That means patients can depend on effective treatments based on the latest technologies and most up-to-date procedures.

Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine focuses on patients as individuals with unique health care needs. After talking with each person about their diagnosis and treatment options, the team develops care plans that achieve that person’s goals.

They offer physical therapy on-site and, as sports medicine specialists, they also work closely with athletes to provide sport-specific rehabilitation and training recommendations. 

Patients with arthritis get exceptional nonsurgical care until their arthritis reaches an advanced stage. Then they rely on the team's surgical skills for joint replacements that restore pain-free movement.

As experts in nonsurgical and surgical orthopedic care, the team treats the full range of injuries and diseases. They help people with fractures; osteoarthritis; and ACL, rotator cuff, labral, and meniscus tears, to name a few. 

Patients frequently seek out the team when they have problems such as a frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, and trigger finger. The team also specializes in performing delicate hand surgery, including Dupuytren procedures. 

To learn more about the services at Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine or to schedule an appointment, call the nearest office, or use the online booking feature today.