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New osteoarthritis treatment on the horizon?

A new study reports highly favorable results of two intra-articular injections of a liposomal formulation of dexamethasone given 6 months apart. Clinical trials are reporting relief of knee arthritis pain over an entire year with only two injections.

Dexamethasone has long since been used as a steroid to treat knee osteoarthritis. Seems researchers are close to a treatment that will give patients significant relief over a full year with two injections given six months a part as opposed to the three months of relief that steroid injections currently provide. 

There is no date for further testing, but given the well received results and the minor adverse events, we will hopefully see this treatment roll out in the future, hopefully sooner than later as millions of people currently suffer from debilitating, life changing pain due to osteoarthritis.  

The link to the full story is below. 


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